Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Appearance is important to you ?

Do you have any experience that judge the person only appearance or be judged only appearance?
Honestly I have experience both of them.
So I want to discuss about 'lookism' !
And I think about the question about lookism.
First, lookism includes fashion and hair too.
Do you have experience that when you go to store, the employee's attitude is different according to your clothes and hair style?
Here is the video about this.

In this video, there is one man and the women guess his job, income and index of fascination by only his appearance.
First, the man is wearing plain clothes and normal hair style.
The result is the women guess his job is the repairman in the factory or worker in restaurant. And they guess his income is very low and his index of fascination is 0 or 2(the perfect score is 10.).
But later, the same man is now wearing great suit and cool hair style.
The result is the women guess his job is the lawyer, doctor or worker in large company. And they guess his income is very high and his index of fascination is 8 to 10(the perfect score is 10.).
What do you think about this video ?
Do you think the hairstyle or clothes are important ?
Do you know even there are the words '패완얼’ and '헤완얼’ in Korea?
패완얼(패션의 완성은 얼굴) means the completion of clothes is face.
헤완얼(헤어의 완성은 얼굴) means the completion of hair style is face.
What do you think about these words ?  
Lookism includes judgement by their body.(fat or slender)
Here are some video relative with that.

Do you think men is more judge women by appearance?
Do you think men is more sensitive about women's body (fat or slender) ?
This video is the TV show program called 'What would you do?'.
In this program, it puts up hidden cameras and puts actors in intended situation.
But the people who are not actors don't know this situation!
Actors who take a role as rude customers are pretending to discriminate the fat girl.(Acting lookism)
But the people who don't know this situation express their opinion that lookism is bad !
If you were in same situation like this , what would you do?
Can you express your opinion in front of many people ?
Or keep still even though you think lookism is very bad thing ?

And finally let's discuss how to solve this problem (judge by only appearance) !

Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014.10.19 < The fastest way to be good at ENGLISH is to be a friend with 진짜외국사람! >

< DISCUSSION TOPIC : How to be good at ENGLISH ? >
< MY OPINION : the fastest way to be good at ENGLISH is
to be a friend with "진짜외국사람" >
This is the article that related to the topic.
In short, the best way to learn English is make a English friend.
But he said it's not good that making a English friend only with the purpose of learn English from him/her.
And if you approached to him/her only this purpose, they would notice and this relationship is more likely to break up easily.
So he recommended approach them sincerely.
And he said how to be a friend with English people.
For example pen pal, access the English community in Internet and talk to foreigner first and so on...
I totally agree on this material.
Because recently I met English boy(his name is TOM) in Busan International Film Festival.
So we became a friend.
We were talking a lot sometimes in English sometimes in Korean.
And we keep our relationship like texting message in Kakaotalk and making an appointment in the near future.
He asks me something that he doesn't know in Korean and I ask him something that I don't know in English.
I think we are very helpful each other !
I attach our content of texting. X-)
I think after I met him, my English is better than before.
Of course, we talk something private like the other friends.

I was always wondering that why Korean students are afraid to conversation in English even though they were learning English from in elementary school.
I think because Korea style's teaching in English is too focus on the grammar and reading for examination called 수능 that the exam to enter the university.
Of course, reading and grammar part is important, but I think speaking and listening part is more important.
Because I think the purpose to learn the foreign language is to talk with foreigner.
So I want to change the way to teach English in KOREA.
If I became a Korean teacher, I want to make the class that linked to my students and my Korean friends.
Then they will become a friend like me and Tom.
So I think my students probably getting better to speak Korean !
With thought alone, I'm very excited !
And I'm wondering what else the way in learning English.
I want to listen the other students' opinion !
And I want to share and discuss about this topic. :-D

Monday, September 29, 2014

2014.09.26 < I will work for ITU conference ! >

Do you know 2014 International Telecommunication Union Plenipotentiary Conference ?

I attach the link for your understanding easily.



As you watch, this immense conference will be held in Busan.

And very very luckily, I will work for this conference.

I think it will be great experience in my life.

I will learn about the things that i can't learn in class.

Anyway in 26 September, i had prior education.

I educated "CardioPulmonary Rsuscitation " and  "global manner".

I didn't know about CPR before.

But now, i am well acquainted with CPR.

I think CPR is very very important for helping someone who have unconsciousness.

I want everybody is acquainted with CPR.

So, i attatch the link about CPR.


And do you know the gesture that we are usually using in pose for a photographer like V

is using for ridicule in England ?

Because at that time in France and England had a war, France soldiers cut the Enland soldier's

index finger and middle finger.

So they can stop them shooting an arrow.

After that event, England solders shaking their index and middle finger.

Saying like "If you can, come here and cut my fingers !"

Although the war was over, the tradition is go on.

So Englishman are using this gesture to ridicule someone.

Like this, there are so many body language in the world.

And i realized there are different meaning in gesture each countries.

So BE CAREFUL using body language someone had another nationality !